3:20 pm - 3:50 pm

Integrated Durham IPAC Hub Model – A Partnership with Public Health

Michelle Alexander
Lakeridge Health

The Durham IPAC Hub framework is an integrated model that is unique from other 30 Ontario IPAC Hub models as it has the active collaboration and partnership with our Durham Public Health unit.

Our IPAC Hub team members and public health inspectors work alongside each other to build and strengthen our areas of expertise in the field, complimenting both IPAC and public health expertise to our Durham congregate setting community partners.

Our combined efforts in aligning our IPAC recommendations during outbreak management, IPAC audit and assessments have proven to be successful in building, strengthening and fostering relationships with our community partners in the successful implementation and adaption of IPAC best practices within their settings.

With this collaborative partnership, we have been able to identify common IPAC gaps and trends to help address some key challenges and be able to respond with relevant IPAC recommendations based on current community transmission rates. Additionally, we are able to pivot prioritization of IPAC education, training, audit and assessment based on the current trends seen within our community.

Some of the key objectives of this presentation is to introduce the framework of the Durham IPAC hub and its collaborative partnership in terms of outbreak management and response, combined auditing and assessment reporting structure including accountable action reports from the LTCH/RH sites who are audited and ongoing knowledge transfer of IPAC practices.

I will also highlight some the key findings in our IPAC audits and assessments during IPAC hub visits from outbreak responses and the successful implementation of some these key findings seen on subsequent visits.

Finally will highlight, the future of the Durham IPAC Hub framework and how this framework can be applicable to other settings to help strengthen collaboration between all stakeholders for the common goal of an integrated community health system in regards to public health.

Quick Info

  • September 13, 2022
  • 3:20 pm - 3:50 pm
  • Harwood Room